2024 News – Calling The kniteClub – CTH Vol 5 – CTH #013

Well, what a week this has turned into, where do I begin? How about a blog with lots of cool updates?

Let’s start with the MEGA and MAD January competition winner. Everyone who has bought a Calling The Hardcore #013 ticket was auto entered into the competition to win a CTH bomber jacket, a 12” vinyl test press of Calling The Hardcore – Volume 5 and any vinyl release from the webstore.

So as with all RRR competitions, I used everyone’s order number and put them into an online random generator and HEY PRESTO, the winner pulled out was Dean Conway. Congrats Dean! You lucky b**tard you 😊You’ll be getting a knock by the postie over the next few days.

Second, well you would of seen from the post we have new shiny and all dancing webstore for 2024!


Everything from the last site plus more stuff being added all the time. I’ve listed some Try Unity and Z-NEO digital releases (back catalogue) too that we’re not available to buy until now so if you’re a digital head take a sneaky peek there. More being updated this week too so watch out for those.

Next it’s our latest and greatest and first ever event collaboration announcement ‘Calling The KniteClub’. WOW are we excited.

Chris from Kniteforce and I thought it wouldd be pretty mental to do something a bit crazy together this year and thought how about boat floating down a river, listening to awesome rave music with lots of like-minded nuts?

Launched only last night it’s had a HUGE response. You are all in for a right treat I tell you! The boat party is LTD to ONLY 200 advance tickets so if you’re planning on joining us then defo grab a ticket quick because I expect this will be a sell out.


You’ll board one of the best London Thames party boats ‘The Golden Jubilee’, and blasted 6 hours of hardcore rave music from :

Ray Keith
Pete Cannon
Luna c b2b Radiosam
Sunny & Deck Hussy
DJ Jedi

+ we are pressing an exclusive Kniteforce Records and Rave Radio Records 12” vinyl ep that will be available ONLY on the boat. So, all ticket holders will get first dibs on this very exciting release. It features tracks from Jimmy J and Cru-L-T, Try Unity, Z-NEO and Alex Jungle It sounds absolutely brilliant!

Chris and I are planning to have some really cool merch for it along with everything that’s brand new and back catalogue to boot too!

So yes, Calling The KniteClub is going to be nothing short of epic and we can’t wait!

So, next up to answer the question ‘Why is Calling The Hardcore – Volume 5 (The Final)’ the last ever triple disc on Rave Radio Records? Quite simply, it’s not the FINAL one that Rave Radio records will press. It is simply the final chapter to the Calling The Hardcore ‘Volume’ series. There will be 5 volumes to this incredible series, a pentalogy is what our friend Google calls it! When volume 1 was released in 2018 I planned to only release 3 volumes. The 1st album to set the scene for the next to follow, covering all things hardcore, a second volume as pretty much a continuation in the same vein and then finally a 3rd volume that would be the dark one, the one that would end the series. There wasn’t going to be another after the 3rd. But then as the 3rd evolved and showed how popular it was, the idea of continuing the destruction was set. I felt the story had to continue with the forest demon (front sleeve illustration) and the quest that followed. The 3rd instalment sleeve front cover has a portrait of the demon character, the 4th is the dual with the ongoing battle and fighting and the 5th and FINAL volume to show the victorious. All good projects come to a close and so this one is now set to close. There will be more BIG projects on RRR, ones that will take a slightly different visual and character so watch this space for 2024!

If you still want to pre-order your copy of Calling The hardcore – Volume 5, grab your discounted pre-order copy form the webstore. Also comes with FREE artwork flyer, stickers, and digital copy too on release date. Shipping out in approx. 3 weeks!

Next let’s bring you an update for Calling The hardcore #013. WOW is this starting to take shape. I had calls with both Messia and The House Crew last week to talk about stage logistics. I’ve not had to set-up 2 LIVE sets at Volks before. We’ve decided that we are going to put both acts right in front of the crowd so not tucked away in the DJ booth. You are in for a MEGA stimulator from I can tell you! Messiah is going to blow us away with true power and The House Crew and going to rock your socks off. Did you see them at KniteClub last September at Scala? Both were unbelievable. Let’s see if Volks can handle the serious Juice of both!

Final advance tickets are available from the webstore too. Look forward to seeing lots of Spring Time faces there!

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll do another blog post later this month as we are taking Rave Radio Records to the Rave Story on March the 2nd and have lots’ to announce for that one!

As ever, thanks so much for all your continued support, looking forward to bringing you a year of awesome hardcore!